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THE ALIEN ORACLES is a riveting, page-turning adventure-thriller filled with wisdom perspectives! A quest to discover the original language and symbols of humankind places Dr. Hope Taylor and her dedicated associates – a British archeologist, a biblical historian, and an ex-Legionnaire/NSA operative – in deadly danger as secret societies, the Vatican, and rogue mercenaries pursue them in order to both suppress and unleash the power of ancient knowledge and biblical prophecy. This group of intrepid truth-seekers defies the danger ahead and takes a perilous journey filled with death, discovery, and revelation. The enigma of the Black Opal, the sub rosa plot to usher in The Second Coming, and the real power of the Ark of the Covenant are all revealed in this quest to solve mysteries unknown for centuries. From the distant stars, scattered throughout the world – Sumer, Luxor, Roswell… – etched on shimmering triangular Tablets, come oracles hidden for centuries and compelling evidence of alien interventions.




Egypt 2000 BCE


Ramu Tet gazed at the Egyptian skies over Luxor. He felt the magic

of the dark expanse and the bright stars sweep across his imagination.

In the liquid darkness, he felt the mystery of the shining starlight bathe

the Valley of the Kings in the light immortal. Narrowing his sapphire

eyes, he saw the glowing, silent, triangular ship land on the ageless

sand – in the night – under a full moon, while the pharaohs slept their

deathless sleeps.