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THE ORACLE REBORN is a lightning-paced, one-of-a-kind suspense thriller about an ancient promise. Filled with riddles, captures, and escapes, this cinematic novel takes you on a heart-stopping journey. Sarah Rider, a San Francisco police officer with extraordinary gifts of prophecy, discovers she is a direct descendent of a powerful Delphic priestess, making her a prime target for those in search of an oracle. Eluding threats and danger, Sarah races towards love and her destiny, relying on her instincts and prophetic visions to survive a globetrotting adventure into the realms of hidden tablets and scrolls, forgotten mythologies, and Pythagorean wisdom.

"A breakneck ride from the first page. A Dan Brown type page-turner."
David McCamant, Artist


"I loved this book! ... kept my interest, trying to solve the mysteries."
Danielle Coonradt, Computer Tech


"Mr. Fraser has offered up to his readers an exciting amalgam of plot twists, action, potent descriptions, identifiable characters and a thoughtful variety of Ancient Wisdom. The Oracle at Delphi, Pythagoras, the Labyrinth on Crete, and the Great Pyramid of Giza are just some of the famous people and places that race across the pages. Readers will enjoy pondering the mysteries and riddles of prophecies as to how they relate to our modern world. Mr. Fraser has done a terrific job in stimulating our appetite for insightful revelations from the early awakenings of human civilization. I'm very glad I picked up this and look forward to reading his next one!"
                                                                                 Jim Roderick, Professor of English



540 BCE Delphi, Greece

Theoclea, a high priestess, left the temple sanctuary with an oracle, a secret promise. She told no one, not even the temple priests, but she wrote it down on a small scroll, placing it in the temple’s Hall of Futures, a library of prophecies to come.

          Once outside, this gentle soul with the green eyes breathed the pure air of Delphi and watched an eagle soar above the towering trees. She walked down the temple steps, pausing to gaze at the line of supplicants, each hoping for an oracle, each hoping to visit adyton, the place of prophecy in the temple, where the sacred hearth burned and the golden eagles watched.

          Her oracles respected the quality of human life. They urged freedom for the slaves, whose names were inscribed on the temple’s foundation. As the voice of Apollo, she pronounced that the middle path was the ideal. She spoke nine months a year, avoiding the cold and high winds of the winter.

          No action ever disappears, she mused. It merely merges into a continuous future.

          She knew this, and she also knew in her heart that true mystery was revealed to those who loved. And that all wisdom came from inner knowing, gnosis.

          So many oracles given, so few understood, she reflected.

          The gentle winds of Delphi brushed her flowing hair. Her heart was full….