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THE MIRROR OF GOD is a provocative, adventure-thriller that confronts the reader with a metaphysical enigma. Hidden in the Valley of Souls is a secret greater than all the treasures and knowledge of the world, a secret pursued by agents close to the President of the United States, by a clandestine international society, by a messianic Indian Rishi, claiming the power of the almighty, and by the Pontificant, a religious secret society obsessed with power and redemption. With help coming from three unlikely sources – a coven of witches, an old priest and a U.S. government agent – can a hard-nosed San Francisco historian-for-hire – with uncanny powers of detection – and a rare book dealer, whose father has just been murdered, embark upon a dangerous journey into the remote wilds of Kashmir, into what has been called Heaven on Earth? During their perilous and once-in-a-lifetime odyssey, they discover love and their common destiny to solve the mystery of the mirrors.




IN the beginning, the universe was calm. Nothing stirred but a dim light. A distant sound echoed across the far points of eternity. An awakening trembled at the edges.Then, streaking by starlight, an angel appeared,  carrying a mirror from heaven. Turning towards a rest point, the angel  glanced back, distracted, and the mirror fell, disappearing into the vast  and silent universe….